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Developments of low-rise condominiums that can be viewed are those that are not obstructed by trees

Oct 19

Lentor Hills Residences within the Lentor Hills Road parcel don't need to travel a distance to reach their requirements. They don't require long distances to find the items they require since they are able to access those areas that are commercialized in Lentor Central. Lentor Central is an integrated community offering a wide range of F&B options and also an ice cream shop and also childcare services.

Accessible views are those that aren't blocked by trees. Condominium developments that are low-rise, land-based, or mid-rise and are located close to parks or other natural areas Architecture is the key component in creating strong homes with warm, inviting designs that accentuate nature.

The Lentor Hills Residences complex claims that the area is serene and provides residents with infinite tranquility. Thomson Plaza, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall, Bishan North Shopping Mall, and Broadway Plaza are the best shopping districts.

Lentor Hills Residences has lots of areas to relax, whatever you want to do and spend time with your family guests. Relaxing with the whole family, taking your children to the beach, or just relaxing in Lentor Hills' Hammock Lawn and Relaxation Alcove.

Presbyterian High School, Anderson Primary School and Anderson Primary School and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School are all in Lentor Hills. Guocoland's Mixed-development Lentor Modern is a different school, located close to.

In order to tell loved ones about their general health and well-being, a place where growth and health can coexist. A healthy environment demands you to be mentally and physically fit. With 55 luxurious amenities, they were created to cater to the needs of the residents. They'll make your workout more enjoyable and help you increase you fitness.

Zingiber singapurense plant, also known as Singapore Ginger, is the base of this idea. Specially designed Ginger Bud Gazebos are located at the top in the lapping of 50 meters. Deck. They create a distinctive look for the deck.