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How do I determine the price of my roof replacement?

Jul 24


There is no one who wants to pour out cash to replace their roof, but it isn't a reason to deny the fact that all of us have to have to do it at some point or another. If someone is having had their roof replaced, they have two things they are thinking about.

First of all, they're hoping that the job will be done right . If they're spending the funds, that new roof must look nice. Secondly, they're worried about the cost. They'll be concerned about the expense to have their roof replaced by a reputable roofing contractor near Helotes.


These details will assist you to understand the factors that determine the cost of replacing your roof.


Here's a breakdown of costs for roof replacement

Let's begin with the national averagebefore we can then go over individual aspects that could drive the price upwards or downwards later. The typical cost of roofing replacements in 2020, on a national scale, is $7211. It's a specific figure however, as we've mentioned there are a few factors that could drive the cost either way or the other.


Your home's area

One of the main factors that affect the cost of replacing your roof directly is the size of your house. Did you recall the national average from up above? That's based on the fact that a roof will cost 400 to $550 for a square foot on average.


What does that number translate to you and the cost of your roof replacement? This means that the larger your house is and the greater square footage you own, the greater amount of roofing material you will need and the more work it will take to complete the task.


The roofing material

Another thing that can increase the cost of replacing your roof whether it's up or down is the kind of roofing material that you select. Shingles are an extremely common roofing material and they last many years.


If you select one of the different types of shingles like concrete shingles, instead of asphalt shingles the cost of your project could go up considerably. While replacing a roof with asphalt shingles has an average price of just under seven hundred dollars, replacing a roof with concrete shingles may be more than $20,000.


Metal roofing is typically more expensive than asphalt shingles as well However, there are some advantages of metal roofing that could make it a better option. Metal roofing's value is contingent on the manner in which your home is constructed as well as the amount of snow you encounter in winter.


A metal roof is very useful as snow will fall right onto your roof, so long as it doesn't touch the front of your house. The most significant benefit of this type of roof is that you don't have to clean snow off your roof manually!

The Shape of Your Roof

The shape of your roof might appear to be a minor deal to you it matters to helotes roofing professionals. If your roof is steep or has an unusual design that means the workers will require additional safety equipment that could drive the cost up.


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