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Four Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door isn't Closing

Jan 19

If your garage door doesn't close properly, you can be in state of panic. The truth is, your garage is a lot more than just a parking space for your automobiles. It's also an excellent storage area for equipment, tools, supplies and appliances. It's also a risky entrance into your home, you shouldn't let criminals taking advantage of that.

There could be garage doors that are not closing correctly and is stuck open. Here are some possible causes.

Power Outage

It's pretty obvious when there's an outage in your area. The lights go out and the internet is down and your house becomes still. An outage in the power grid is most noticeable in the evening. However, during the daytime it's possible that you need to do a little bit more exploring. Examine your power supply to discover whether or not the outage is only impacting your house only. Alternatively, if your neighbors are experiencing the same issue ensure that you make sure you take precautions to reduce the risk until the power comes back on. When power isn't restored, there's little you can do to improve the security of your garage door.

Obstructed Safety Beam

Infra-red safety beams makes garage doors safe for use in homes. Without them, Install garage doors would pose a danger to small children and pets as well as to adults. Garage doors can weigh between 70 and 100 kg depending on their size and material. Imagine this: A garage door falls on you from the high sky. It's possible to cause severe injuries.

Another possible reason why your garage door might not shut is because of something that has blocked the beam of safety. Be sure there aren't any obstructions to your door. Clearing the door could indicate that your sensors are not aligned correctly. They might also be covered with dust, and could require to be cleaned for them to be back to regular working state.

Tracks Not Aligned

Garage doors that are not aligned properly or blocked may experience difficulty closing. If that's the case, you'll probably need to clear out the track, or call a garage door installer to modify the tracks before putting them back in place. It's possible to experience difficulties closing your garage gate or door due to bent or damaged rollers. However, WeFixIt technicians can solve this issue easily.

Remote Issues

The garage door remote may be the cause. There could be a variety of reasons that the garage door remote isn't functioning. It could be because the battery is dying or it's experiencing interference. You may need to replace the battery, check the receiver, or buy an alternate remote, based on the problem.

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