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Solar Myths We Are Ready To Throw In The Bin

Jan 17

There are often misconceptions regarding instant information regardless of the fact that you can instantly access information using your phone through social media platforms and Google. This is a regular occurrence across renewable energy, with detractors and doubters spread a variety of falsehoods (and flagrant falsehoods) about solar energy. This is a problem because it means that these misconceptions can be an immense influence on those who don't know otherwise.

This article will expose some of the most popular misconceptions about solar energy in Australia. These myths will be debunked and put into practice.

Myth: Solar panel costs more

This is one of the most common solar lies that are circulating that claim that they have solar power systems installed but have exceptionally high bills. Modern solar panels are extremely efficient, so you shouldn't be forced to pay excessive electricity bills. This could be due a broken solar system or if you have installed the pool (or many air conditioners).

Myth: A lot of disadvantages are associated with solar power

Essentially, this is a trinity of complaints that generally appear in the form of complaints about the expense of solar power systems in Arizona. Also, there's the widely-held thought that they are no good on cloudy days and that energy storage is too expensive in Australia.

Let's take a look at three claims.

Solar system installation are too expensive: It will cost you $5100 for the installation of the residential solar panels Phoenix. However, hiring an expert like us can assist you in getting the best value for your money.

Furthermore, there are various incentives available in all territories and states that include rebates up to $1850 or interest-free loans. With the STCs that are available you could also claim rebates of up to $4000. Your system will be paid for in 6-10 years, even when you purchase it at full price.

Panels do not work when it's cloudy: Your system can still get indirect power from sunlight even on cloudy days. Rain can also wash the dust and dirt away to boost the efficiency of your system. Even if there is total darkness throughout the day there are battery storage solutions accessible, which means that we can...

Energy storage is expensive: Not anymore. Batteries with low profile, such as the Tesla Powerwall can be purchased for $800 per kWh. These prices continue to fall and the technologies continue to evolve, which means there is an increase in competition to provide superior solutions.

Myth The production of a solar panel will leave a bigger carbon footprint

We are now in the realm of naysayers. People who support fossil fuels are trying to undermine renewable energy sources. Some people think they're clever in claiming that the carbon footprint from the production, transportation and installation of solar panels actually makes them harmful to the environment.

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